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Types of Trees We Service in Lake Forest, CA

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Tree services are important to keep your property safe and healthy. All tree care companies share the same goal: safety. But, there are many other reasons why you should choose Lake Forest Tree Care for all of your tree service needs. We offer a variety of professional tree care services such as trimming, removal, fertilizing, and more. No matter what type of service you need to be done on your trees, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Call us today at (949) 539-0051 for a free estimate.

Types of Trees We Service


Oaks are one of the most common types of trees in California. They provide a lot of shade and can protect your property from sun damage if they’re tall enough. No matter where you live, an oak tree will thrive well within its environment because it’s so versatile.


Evergreens add a beautiful natural backdrop to any outdoor space during all four seasons. When these plants shed their leaves in wintertime, they let off cool breezes that’ll help keep your house warm while also providing some privacy for those who enjoy sitting out on their porch or deck after sunset with friends


Willows are usually found near water sources such as ponds and streams and like moist soil conditions. These types of trees grow taller and stronger as they grow older, with some even reaching heights of 100-feet or more.


Palms trees are one of the most popular types in California because of how well they withstand our scorching sun during summertime. Palm trees are also known for their unique shape, which is the result of a flower’s stamen (the male part) sticking up from the center.


Birches have leaves that will turn golden in autumn and can make your property look like an old-fashioned Norman Rockwell illustration come to life. Plus, they’re great at making other plants grow around them because they’ll produce high levels of nitrogen when their roots decay over time. Birch trees have a unique aesthetic quality that makes them different from other plants and we love being able to work on these kinds as part of our services. They’re beautiful when seen against the backdrop of snowfall in wintertime.


Southern Californians love planting redwoods because these types of trees grow well in moist coastal environments where there’s plenty of sunlight available year-round. They often grow to be taller than 100 feet tall too! That being said, if you live inland or don’t get as much sun, these types of trees will grow taller but won’t reach the same 100-foot mark.


The leaves from maple trees turn an orange hue every autumn which is perfect if you want your property to look like it’s in the middle of a beautiful fall. These types of trees also produce high levels of sugar when it’s time to harvest.


The needles from spruce plants are usually a dark blue-green color and they’ll grow up to be about 30 feet tall before their branches start spreading out, which is perfect for those who love having plenty of shade in the summertime. Spruces are perfect if you’re looking for something that lives longer than other types of plants. They can live up to a century or more and this makes them great for those who want their property landscaped with trees that’ll stay there for years.


Lemons grow beautifully without much need from human intervention, so they may be an excellent choice if you don’t have time to take care of your yard all by yourself due to work commitments or family obligations. These trees also offer plenty of shade during the summertime months when most people prefer not to venture into sunlight.


Apples are known as one of the most commonly planted fruit trees in the country, with many people planting them within their orchards. They’re also well-known for having a sweet taste that can be enjoyed in pies and jams.


Walnuts are perfect if you want to plant something like an Asian type of landscape because they grow aesthetically pleasing leaves and produce nuts around a tree’s trunk each fall.

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Lake Forest Tree Care is a leading tree service company in the Lake Forest area. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, professional services. Our team of experts will arrive on-site and assess your needs before presenting you with an accurate estimate that is likely more than competitive. Whether it’s removing a diseased tree, trimming branches, or fertilizing your trees, we have the experience necessary to complete any job successfully. Contact us today for more information about our services. Dial (949) 539-0051 now for more information about the types of trees we service in Lake Forest!

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