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Tree Cabling and Bracing Services in Lake Forest, CA

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Many homeowners are not aware that their trees can be cabled and braced to keep them from falling onto the house or other property during high winds or ice storms. This is common in the winter months when heavy snowfalls on tree limbs weigh down on them. Lake Forest Tree Care can help you avoid costly repairs by providing these services before it’s too late.

Lake Forest Tree Care offers various types of cabling and bracing services, including tensioning cables, steel-cable ties, steel-wire ropes, cable clamps, tree guards (to protect against storm damage), and live stakes (to protect against storm damage) and live stakes (for wind protection).  These services will prevent your precious investment from being destroyed by Mother Nature’s fury. We also offer emergency services to help prevent further damage if you have a tree issue.

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What is Cabling and Bracing?

Cabling refers to attaching steel cables, ropes, or chains around the trunk of a tree which is then tightened with clamps for added stability during winter months when heavy snowfall can cause trees limbs from bearing down on them. Bracing means the cables are attached horizontally near the base of weak branches due to age or disease; this prevents any movement in either direction, hence not putting pressure on these weakened areas.  In cases where it’s difficult to attach cable ties close enough around trunks (due to thick bark), we use live stakes instead as they work just as well but don’t harm our environment by penetrating deep into the tree.

Purposes of Tree Cabling and Bracing

We do cabling and bracing for several reasons depending on the particular situation. Here are some purposes of tree cabling and bracing:


With cabling, we prevent branches from breaking off during winter months when heavy snowfall can weigh down limbs and cause them to break under their own weight. Live stakes are installed in weak trees with brittle trunks or near the root system of these types of trees, which helps prevent them from falling over by giving them more stability. They’re also useful when space is limited around the trunk because they don’t penetrate deeply into live tissue as steel cables do; if necessary, we use cable clamps instead as an alternative to cabling. 


If a tree has already been weakened by improper pruning or other damage, cabling and bracing may be needed to stabilize it until the problem is repaired.


When storm clouds loom overhead with high winds predicted for later the day, Lake Forest Tree Care will often install cable ties during our emergency response services to help protect your property by securing branches from breaking off under heavy snowfall or ice accumulation at night when they’re most vulnerable – without the risk of climbing up a ladder during high winds.

Trees with Weak Root Systems 

Brace cables may be needed as trees grow since their roots cannot keep up with the need of supplying nutrients; these brace cables work by stopping any sideways movement, thereby preventing branches from bending over. Trees suffer from this under two circumstances: the age when limbs get too heavy, which causes them to sag downwards, or disease, which weakens the trunk by making it more brittle.

How much does it cost to brace a tree?

The cost for tree cabling and bracing services will vary depending on the type of service needed. Priced are based on a specific scope of work that is discussed with you during the assessment process. If you are interested in hiring us for any tree services, contact us at (949) 539-0051. Call now to get free estimates.

Process of Tree Cabling and Bracing

We first assess the condition of your trees to determine what type of service you need. If it’s routine maintenance, we’ll provide free quotes for any work that needs to be done or offer advice on caring for your trees in an environmentally friendly way. For emergency services (during storm season), our crews will immediately come out if there are signs that danger from falling branches exists; this includes when heavy snowfall has increased risk because limbs can’t bear down due to heavier weight while winds make them more brittle than usual. Lake Forest Tree Care will install cable clamps around trunks or live stakes with cable ties around branches to prevent further damage during these conditions to keep them from breaking off. If there’s the damage already done and the tree is in critical condition, we’ll recommend a full service or removal of the hazardous tree so that your property can be protected while it recovers over time.

Choose Lake fore Tree Care.

Lake Forest Tree Care has been providing tree cabling and bracing in Lake Forest for years. We employ only the most skilled professionals who are extensively trained on properly installing cables, ropes, and braces so that your trees will be safe for many more years. Contact us at (949) 539-0051 any time for free estimates. Lake Forest Tree Care is happy to come out with an expert onsite evaluation if you doubt the best course of action for repairing or maintaining your trees. We’re also available for emergency tree service when storms threaten – give us a call before it’s too late.

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